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KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) (formerly known as PNC International College of Nursing and Health Sciences) is a subsidiary 

of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, a key private healthcare services provider. Established on 1st April 1991, KPJUC has been right from the outset, 

a progressive and entrepreneurial institution of higher learning with an international vision, placing students at the core of the heart of 

everything it does.KPJUC with 21 years of valuable experience and unsurpassed academic track record is a premier college of higher learning 

recognized locally and internationally. It has registered a growth that is dynamic, meteoric and has made an indelible mark in its achievements 

ever since its inception. Its rapid expansion to fulfill market demands has made KPJUC not only a very viable business entity but also a 

reliable and credible service provider.KPJUC has a tradition of purposeful nurturing of talents, in tandem with the ideals of caring, 

perseverance, adaptability, versatility and selflessness. The students are instilled with an attitude of universality which unifies 

and synthesizes, transcending racial, cultural, social and geographical boundaries and well prepared to deliver the best healthcare 

services to the patients and customers.


Tradition of Academic Excellence

Reputed not only to be the first private nursing college to initiate the Diploma in Nursing Programme but also the first to have the Diploma 

in Nursing Programme accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) that sets it apart with a unique competitive edge. KPJIC launched

 its training with first intake of 30 students in September 1991. Since then KPJ College has maintained its tradition of academic excellence 

with 100% success rate in the Nursing Board Terminal Examination.  KPJ College now offers twelve (12) programs which include 

BSc. (Hons) International Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Imaging, Diploma in Pharmacy, Diploma in Physiotherapy, 

Diploma of Higher Education in Operating Department Practice, Diploma in Health Information Management, Certificate in Critical Care 

Nursing, Renal Nursing, Paedriatic Nursing, Nurse Education/Teaching and Gerontology.


KPJUC’s roles and objectives have become more significant in line with the growth of the industry, responding promptly to the 

human capital requirement for nurses and allied healthcare professionals to meet the needs of other private and public healthcare 

institutions in the country. 


To date KPJUC has produced approximately 5,000 nurses and healthcare professionals with Degree, Diploma and post-graduate 

specialization qualification. The current student population of KPJUC stands at 2 500.This tradition of academic excellence is 

further enhanced and galvanized by a team of dedicated, well qualified and widely experienced lecturers who inspire 

students to unleash their potential and 

develop holistically.


Building stronger future

KPJUC has built strong international alliance with foreign universities primarily from Australia and United Kingdom. This successful 

cooperation and alliance has provided KPJUC with an enriched combination of resources – advanced, unique and professional support 

of quality and diversity. 

As early as 1994, KPJUC has forged a sound working relationship with University of South Australia (UniSA) to undertake several 

nurse education programs. KPJUC and UniSA have collaboratively trained 239 Critical Care Nurses, 96 graduates in Teaching and 

Education for Senior Nursing 

Officers, Nurse Lecturers and Nurse Instructors, 256 Heads of Services and executives in Healthcare Management 

and Leadership. Through KPJUC’s continuing ties with Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom for the Operating Theatre 

Practice Programme since 1997, 153 trained theater practitioners have been produced. KPJUC has also collaborated 

with Hertfordshire, United Kingdom for BSc. (Hons) International Nursing. Moving forwards to 2013, KPJUC is also preparing 

to take in a higher number of students in the coming years. KPJUC is expects to offer in addition to the existing 

programmes, 30 new bachelors and master degree as well as doctorate programmes 

at the main Nilai Campus.


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